Anti Money Laundering Whistleblower Program

Congress is considering a new whistleblower program to encourage individuals to report potential violations of the U.S. anti money laundering laws. The program would bridge an enforcement gap left by federal banking whistleblower programs, as well as those whistleblower programs run by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), […]

Blowing the Whistle on Financial Aid Fraud

[This article first appeared on University Business, written by Joseph Gentile.] A whistleblower can report illegal activity to the government and, under certain circumstances, share in the monetary recoveries the government obtains. The U.S. higher-education system is second to none. That’s partially due to the generous taxpayer support that is provided in the form of […]

“Special Fraud Alert” Targets Pharma & Medical Device Speaker Programs

[This article first appeared on Cafepharma, written by Joseph Gentile.] The Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued a “Special Fraud Alert” aimed at programs that pay healthcare professionals for speaker-related services. These speaker programs by pharmaceutical and medical device companies have paid healthcare professionals roughly $2 billion during […]

New York Seeks Art Tax Whistleblowers

[This article first appeared on Art Daily  written by Joseph Gentile & Gregory Krakower] According to famed economist Nouriel Roubini, “While art looks as if it is all about beauty, as a business it is full of shady stuff.” The global art market is estimated to be valued at up to $70 billion per year […]

Blowing the Whistle on Healthcare Fraud

[This article first appeared on The White Coat Investor, written by Joseph Gentile.] Fraud in the healthcare industry is a fact of life.  In 2016 alone, the federal government estimated that improper payments by Medicare and Medicaid totaled about $95 billion.  And that’s only a single year’s amount for just two of the government’s numerous […]

How Contingency Fee Arrangements Empower Whistleblowers

[This article first appeared on Cafepharma, written by Joseph Gentile.] Among the questions any would-be whistleblower should have when searching for an attorney is how that attorney is going to get paid for representing the whistleblower. Fortunately, the answer is simple and sensible.  But it’s worth reviewing. Many attorneys who represent whistleblowers – including this firm […]

Protecting The False Claim Act From “Mal-Interpretation”

Earlier this month, Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa wrote a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr to express how he “vehemently disagree[s]” with the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) recent position that it has “unfettered discretion” to dismiss whistleblower qui tam suits brought under the False Claims Act (FCA). Senator Grassley is a seven-term senator who […]

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