Something We Can All Agree On

In today’s hyper partisan environment there is little Republican and Democrats seem to agree on. One exception to this is that whistleblower protections are good for America. There is currently bipartisan proposed legislation to bolster the notoriously problematic IRS whistleblower program.

The fixes proposed are relatively modest, but a step in the right direction. The bill seeks to enable the IRS to keep relators and their counsel more informed on the progress of their cases and to strengthen anti-retaliation protections.

Sarraf Gentile LLP Blog

We are excited to announce Sarraf Gentile LLP is launching a new blog dedicated to being a resource for those interested in learning more about Whistleblower claims and Qui Tam law. This is an area of law we specialize in and are very passionate about. We hope the blog will become a valuable resource for those struggling with whether to blow the whistle and attorneys and other professionals who seek to help them with this momentous decision.

The blog will contain helpful pointers, some basics on the law and other practical issues, summaries and opinions on new developments in the law and public discourse as they arise and whatever else we think would be of value.