Portfolio Monitoring


Sarraf Gentile LLP provides clients with a no-cost portfolio monitoring service. This service allows the firm’s clients to identify potential claims arising from investment losses and help recoup payments for those losses.

The Monitoring System
The firm uses a proprietary system and trained analysts to monitor the stock market and each client’s holdings. Through secure read-only access, the system matches all trades and holdings with potential claims and losses.  If a match is found and an investment has been compromised, we will contact you, discuss the legal options available and work towards recovering any resulting loss. The system will also identify all instances where an investment has been made in securities involved in a pending or settled litigation, so clients can make informed decisions about claims they may have or recoveries they may be entitled to.

Comprehensive Analysis 
The system analyzes client holdings, including both equity and debt transactions, as well as alternate investment vehicles and foreign market transactions, to match holdings with potential claims, losses and pending actions.  In light of the increasingly global nature of securities transactions, the monitoring system strives to identify and mitigate against all losses a portfolio might suffer.

The Importance of Monitoring
Whenever corporate improprieties or fraud are exposed, the market generally responds. Typically, the company’s share price drops which means investors who bought the stock when the fraud was taking place — but before the fraud was revealed — purchased the stock at inflated prices. When the stock drops due to the exposure of fraud, these investors incur losses as a result of the fraudulent activities. Those losses are often a result of securities violations and may be recovered in litigation. By having a stock portfolio monitored, losses can be immediately identified and efforts to recover those losses can be made. Our monitoring system will also help identify those instances where fraud is not so readily apparent, but losses still result.

No Cost, No Commitment
Our portfolio monitoring system is provided at no cost and requires no commitment. Our analysts detect fraud and alert clients when their investment losses can be recouped either through litigation or by submitting a claim to participate in a recovery. Simply put, there is no cost and no commitment.