Some Benefits to Filing a Mandamus Lawsuit to Address Unreasonably Delayed I-526 Petitions for EB-5 Investors

[Also available on LinkedIn.] Some Benefits to Filing a Mandamus Lawsuit to Address Unreasonably Delayed I-526 Petitions for EB-5 Investors: 1) By speeding up the adjudication process, mandamus suits can get your life in the US started. If you are already here on another status that is expiring, the faster adjudication can help you to […]

Mandamus Lawsuits in the Asylum Context

[Also available on Reddit.] While these cases have more challenges than other areas of mandamus lawsuits, they still work. This well-written conclusion from an AIC Practice Advisory says it all: “Unreasonable delays in asylum adjudications have severe and long-lasting consequences for asylum applicants. Legally sound and compelling arguments exist that courts have the power to […]

Blowing the Whistle on EB-5 Fraud or Related Securities Law Violations . . . Confidentially

[Also available on LinkedIn.] A little noticed provision in the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 should provide some comfort to those considering blowing the whistle on EB-5 fraud or related securities law violations. The language in the Act reinforces the government imperative to keep whistleblower identities confidential. This is in addition to the […]

EB-5 Redeployments

[Also available on Reddit.] Although most EB-5 projects seems to be handled fairly and ethically, there is a scenario that pops up more than occasionally that is troubling: Eb-5 immigrant investor invests in an offering. The governing documents, drafted years ago, are silent on the possibility of a redeployment.  Without consent and scant disclosures, the […]

If I file an I-864 enforcement action to compel my spouse to honor his/her financial support commitment, will it impact my current green card status or future ability to become a US citizen?

[Also available on Facebook.] No, you have a right to enforce the affidavit of support filed on your behalf. Win or lose, I have not seen a scenario where a good faith enforcement case would cause the government to negatively factor it into your current or future immigration status.  

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