Avoiding Another Missed Father’s Day

[Also available on LinkedIn.] With another Father’s Day behind us, it’s a good opportunity to consider its meaning for the countless fathers waiting abroad for their visa applications to be decided while stuck in consular processing, preventing them from coming to the U.S. and reuniting with their families. Unfortunately, this is no made-up hypothetical. In fact, […]

Hypothetically, What If Allen Weisselberg Blew The Whistle On The Trump Organization? Part II

We have published a new video that takes another look at the ongoing publicly reported investigation into possible tax violations by the Trump Organization (and its Chief Financial Officer, Allen Weisselberg) as a hypothetical and teachable moment. What if, for example, Mr. Weisselberg voluntarily came forward and informed the government about tax violations. Mr. Weisselberg […]

Immigration Delay Litigation: Informing the Government That They Have Been Sued

[Also available on LinkedIn.] When suing the government to compel a decision on a long-delayed immigration application, a critical element is starting the litigation clock as soon as possible. In other words: beginning the government’s 60 day time period to respond to the lawsuit and, hopefully, pressuring them to decide the underlying application before their […]

Immigration Delay Litigation: Decision Delays Disproportionately Impact Muslims

[Also available on LinkedIn.] Decisions on various immigration benefit applications – ranging from naturalizations to a whole host of visas – have become significantly delayed. A disproportionate number of these delayed decisions involve applicants from several Middle Eastern, South Asian and Muslim majority countries. The delay is partially caused by a policy called the Controlled Application […]

Making the Case to Compel a Delayed Immigration Decision

[Also available on LinkedIn.] Suing the federal government to compel a decision on a long-delayed immigration application is sometimes necessary. This is especially true after paying expensive application fees, engaging in a futile multi-year campaign to get someone to decide the pending application, and keeping your client’s life on hold in the interim. Determining which government agencies […]