Quick Take on Some Financial Considerations of Separating or Divorcing Prior to Becoming a US Citizen

[Also available on LinkedIn.] The I-751 (Petition to Remove Conditions of Residence) process can be a convenient point to review and consider the support obligations inherent in US marriage-based immigration. There is a lot of information online on the immigration status implications of transitioning from a conditional to a 10 year green card if you […]

Immigrants & Bad Marriages: My ex-spouse owes me HOW MUCH? Thank you I-864 affidavit of support!

We have published a new video that discusses immigrants and bad marriages, and the amount that ex-spouses are legally required to pay their immigrant spouses. Sometimes marriages go bad. If your US citizen or permanent resident spouse sponsored you for a green card, they made a promise to support you financially through an I-864 Affidavit […]

How Federal Litigation Capabilities Can Improve an Immigration Law Practice

[Also available on LinkedIn.] Litigation skills can dramatically improve an immigration practice. Let’s begin by explaining why and then how to add federal litigation to one’s practice. First, litigation skills provide immigration law firms with true full service capabilities. With the addition of a real litigation threat, immigration counsel can deepen their relationships with clients […]

Immigration Delay Litigation: Buying Time

We have published a new video that explains how suing the government to compel a decision on a long-delayed immigration application is really about buying time — breaking through the impasse and allowing applicants to get the decisions they need (whether it’s an approval or a denial) so that they can move on with their […]