Do Your Due Dilligence Before Investing in an EB-5 Project

Yet another prosecution related to an alleged EB-5 fraud that cost investors over $30 million in losses and untold life complications. The alleged ringleader was sentenced to over 5 years in prison. Be very cautious before writing a check.

The 120-Day Rule: Navigating Naturalization Delays

Applications for naturalization can suffer from the same delays that other immigration applications endure. For naturalization applicants who completed their interview, Section 336(b) of the INA, 8 USC § 1447(b), provides for a very specific cure. According to the statute: If there is a failure to make a determination under [INA] § 335 [8 U.S.C. […]

Serving the Complaint: How to Start a Federal Lawsuit Against the Government in Immigration Matters

When you’re taking the government to court to speed up an unreasonably delayed immigration application decision, it’s important to start the legal countdown quickly. This means triggering the government’s 60-day response period for the lawsuit as soon as possible, in the hopes of nudging the government to decide your application before their response is due. […]

Alternatives To Mandamus Lawsuits

If you’re facing a long immigration delay and are unable or hesitant to file a mandamus lawsuit, here are some other strategies you might want to consider. None are nearly as effective as mandamus lawsuits, but they could be worth a try. Inquire with USCIS: If you’re waiting for a long time on your application, […]