Hypothetically, What If Allen Weisselberg Blew The Whistle On The Trump Organization? Part II

We have published a new video that takes another look at the ongoing publicly reported investigation into possible tax violations by the Trump Organization (and its Chief Financial Officer, Allen Weisselberg) as a hypothetical and teachable moment. What if, for example, Mr. Weisselberg voluntarily came forward and informed the government about tax violations. Mr. Weisselberg […]

Immigration Delay Litigation: Informing the Government That They Have Been Sued

[Also available on LinkedIn.] When suing the government to compel a decision on a long-delayed immigration application, a critical element is starting the litigation clock as soon as possible. In other words: beginning the government’s 60 day time period to respond to the lawsuit and, hopefully, pressuring them to decide the underlying application before their […]

Immigration Delay Litigation: Decision Delays Disproportionately Impact Muslims

[Also available on LinkedIn.] Decisions on various immigration benefit applications – ranging from naturalizations to a whole host of visas – have become significantly delayed. A disproportionate number of these delayed decisions involve applicants from several Middle Eastern, South Asian and Muslim majority countries. The delay is partially caused by a policy called the Controlled Application […]

Making the Case to Compel a Delayed Immigration Decision

[Also available on LinkedIn.] Suing the federal government to compel a decision on a long-delayed immigration application is sometimes necessary. This is especially true after paying expensive application fees, engaging in a futile multi-year campaign to get someone to decide the pending application, and keeping your client’s life on hold in the interim. Determining which government agencies […]

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