Interview of Joseph Gentile on Immigration Litigation

Joseph Gentile appeared on an episode of Immigration Uncovered to discuss immigration litigation. IU Episode 11:  Resolving Delays and Reversing Denials: Federal Court Litigation with Joseph Gentile In this episode of Immigration Uncovered, host James Pittman sits down with Attorney Joseph Gentile to delve into the world of immigration litigation. From overcoming language barriers to […]

More Positive News For People Fighting Consular Denials

I’m happy to report that we’ve gotten another positive result in a consular denial lawsuit. An unjust consular denial is not the final word if there’s a US citizen spouse or minor child involved. This is especially so if the lawsuit can be brought somewhere in the Ninth Circuit (most of the Western US) relying […]

The Conventional Wisdom on Consular Denials is Out of Date

Consular officers are responsible for making many decisions that significantly impact immigrants and their families. Unfortunately, some of these decisions may be incorrect, resulting in familial disruptions and separations. Yet, the existing Doctrine of Consular Nonreviewability largely prohibits courts from scrutinizing the decisions made by consular officers, even when these decisions may contain legal mistakes […]

Responding to USCIS Denials: When to Avoid AAO Appeals

In the event of a USCIS denial, one available option is to file a request for an appeal with the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO). However, it’s generally advisable to bypass this step. That is because of a 1993 Supreme Court decision in Darby v. Cisneros, which clarified that the federal courts are not obligated to […]

The Value of Mandamus Lawsuits in Securing EAD/AP Documents

In the area of mandamus lawsuits, we have noted a particularly high success rate in accelerating the adjudication of delayed EAD/AP work and travel documents. Generally, these cases result in the swift approval and receipt of the required documents shortly after the initiation of a lawsuit. This success can be attributed to two primary factors. […]

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