Making the Case to Compel a Delayed Immigration Decision

[Also available on LinkedIn.] Suing the federal government to compel a decision on a long-delayed immigration application is sometimes necessary. This is especially true after paying expensive application fees, engaging in a futile multi-year campaign to get someone to decide the pending application, and keeping your client’s life on hold in the interim. Determining which government agencies […]

Where to File an Immigration Delay Lawsuit

[Also available on LinkedIn.] One of the most important strategic decisions to make when filing an immigration delay lawsuit is choosing where to file it. The short answer is federal court. The long answer is, well, a little longer because it means identifying the appropriate “venue.” Selecting the wrong venue could mean dismissal under Federal […]

Who to Sue in an Immigration Delay Case

[Also available on LinkedIn.] After deciding to file a Mandamus action in order to compel the government to issue a decision on a long-delayed immigration application, the next major step is determining who to sue. In other words: who are the appropriate and essential defendants in such an action? This article will provide some guidance on how […]

Solving for Immigration Delays using Federal Litigation

[Also available on LinkedIn.] It’s hard for most people outside of the immigration space to imagine filling out an application, providing everything asked for, paying a fee, maybe sitting for interview and then having to wait years for the application to be decided. But this is all too common for some categories of immigration and […]

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