Interview of Joseph Gentile on Immigration Litigation

Joseph Gentile appeared on an episode of Immigration Uncovered to discuss immigration litigation.

IU Episode 11:  Resolving Delays and Reversing Denials: Federal Court Litigation with Joseph Gentile

In this episode of Immigration Uncovered, host James Pittman sits down with Attorney Joseph Gentile to delve into the world of immigration litigation. From overcoming language barriers to navigating delays, denials, and challenges in the immigration system, Joseph shares his expertise and valuable strategies for attorneys and applicants alike.

Discover the secrets behind seeking a writ of mandamus, addressing EB-5 investor visa cases, and reversing immigration denials in federal court. Whether you’re an immigration lawyer seeking to expand your practice or an applicant facing a denial, this conversation is a must-watch for mastering immigration litigation.

According to host James Pittman:

Episode 11 of Immigration Uncovered is now available! We had the privilege of hosting Joseph Gentile, Esq., a founding member of Sarraf Gentile LLP, a federal litigator whose expertise spans immigration litigation as well as class action litigation and whistleblower cases.

Joseph, co-author of the well-received book “Resolving Immigration Delays with Litigation,” guides us through an overview of how federal court litigation is used to resolve delays and reverse denials as well as resolve controversies in EB-5 investor cases. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to explaining how to navigate these complex processes effectively.

Joseph’s dedication to helping individuals and institutions in their immigration journey is truly remarkable.

Don’t miss this illuminating conversation! If you want to know about how litigating in the federal court could be the answer your clients need, tune in to Episode 11 and gain valuable insights from a leading practitioner!