A Brief Analysis of Individual vs. Group Mandamus Lawsuits

Many immigrants face long wait times for their immigration petitions. Because of these delays, some consider mandamus lawsuits to push for a decision. They can either file this lawsuit alone or with a group. Both ways have their pros and cons.

Pros of Filing as a Group

– Cost: Filing with a group can be cheaper. Lawyers can save time by using a single complaint and adding each person’s details. If there is subsequent argument or additional litigation after the complaint is filed, the cost of that could be spread as well. This can mean lower fees for each person in the group.

– Greater Public Attention: Big group lawsuits can get more attention from the government and might help change the system for everyone.

Cons of Filing as a Group

– Less Personal Attention: With so many people in a lawsuit, you might not get much one-on-one time with your lawyer.

– May Take Longer: Bigger lawsuits can be more complicated and can take longer to resolve. The government might also push back harder against a large group since the stakes are higher.

Pros of Filing Alone

– Speed: Going alone can frequently be faster. The government might quickly settle or make a decision.

– Greater Personal Attention: Your lawyer will focus just on you, catering to your unique situation better.

Cons of Filing Alone

– Cost: It will likely be more expensive than joining a group.

There’s no right or wrong way. Budget considerations, timing and outcome goals are all to be considered in deciding which route works best for you.