An easy to understand explanation of what a mandamus lawsuit does for immigrants facing delays:

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Let’s say you ordered a pizza for delivery and you’re really hungry. You wait and wait, but the pizza never arrives. You call the pizza place and they tell you that there’s a delay, but they don’t know how long it will be until the pizza is delivered.
You’re frustrated because you’re hungry and you don’t know when you’ll be able to eat. You could just cancel the order and go without pizza, but you really want that pizza and you’ve already paid for it.
So, you decide to take legal action and file a mandamus lawsuit against the pizza place. A mandamus lawsuit is a way to compel a government agency or official to perform a duty that they’re legally required to do but are failing to do.
In this case, the pizza place is like the immigration agency, and you’re like the immigrant who’s waiting for their immigration case to be processed. The pizza that you’re waiting for is like your immigration status or visa.
By filing a mandamus lawsuit, you’re essentially telling the immigration agency that they have a legal duty to process your case in a timely manner, and that you’re entitled to a decision on your case. Just like you’re entitled to your pizza that you’ve paid for and are waiting for.
The lawsuit is a way to force the immigration agency to take action and make a decision on your case. It’s like calling the pizza place and demanding that they either deliver your pizza or give you a refund.
I hope that helps explain what a mandamus lawsuit is for immigration delays!