Class Actions to Fight Abusive Civil Forfeiture Laws

“This is an issue that so many people in this country cannot believe is real. . . . Civil forfeiture means that the government, law enforcement, etc., is allowed to take away your property — often your car or even your home — without an arrest, without criminal charges, and without ever going to court. And then the police can sell your property and use the proceeds as revenue.”
— Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Every year, the Government (federal and state) seize billions of dollars worth of property from people without any conviction or sometimes even charges.

This is an absurd overreach of Government power that disproportionately impacts those least capable of defending themselves. Please reach out if you were impacted by these laws and want to discuss putting together a class action to fight these takings. Many people deserve to get their money back.

This is a rare issue that seems to enjoy widespread bipartisan support, yet it persists.

Also, keep an eye on the upcoming Supreme Court case Culley v. Marshall. I’m hoping this case puts an end to, or severely curtails the use of, civil forfeitures.

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Unlawful Government Takings