EB-5 Investment Fraud, Red Flag #3 the “Hot Tip”

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Guarantees made based off of “inside” knowledge is a common fraud technique. Is it just good luck that you’ve met an advisor/attorney that is letting you in on a great secret opportunity? For example, your advisor knows that a project is a can’t miss opportunity because another huge new project (stadium, public transportation hub, shopping center, take your pick) is being built near the development you are funding. Success is assured and profits will follow!¬†However, this hot tip is only given to you and a few fortunate others because the advisor really likes you. It sounds ridiculous when you put it that way, but a skilled conman get people to believe this if you are not on guard.

If you feel like you were fed a hot tip that is not panning out, reach out to an attorney that has experience with investment fraud cases. Most times, these cases are handled on a contingency basis so you can likely have a lawyer look over the situation without needing to pay a consultation fee.

Also, you can check out this “scam meter” created by FINRA to double check yourself if something just doesn’t feel right.