EB-5 Withdrawal & Redemption

When considering to withdraw your funds from an EB-5 investment, it’s often beneficial to engage a lawyer who is experienced in securities and corporate law to negotiate the return or scrutinize any agreement prior to signing.

We’ve assisted numerous investors in this process and have encountered some extremely one-sided terms that Regional Centers or General Partners attempt to include. Examples of one-sided terms can include non-mutual releases of liability, unfair dispute resolution provisions, overly discretionary timelines for the return of funds and surprise expenses.

This advice is equally applicable, if not more so, to the period before the investment is made. Besides understanding the immigration implications of the agreements you’re asked to sign, it’s crucial to comprehend the investment repercussions of the deal. EB-5 investments involve substantial amounts of money, and it’s worth the expense and effort to hire a lawyer to review the contracts to help protect your investment.