Legal Problems Sarraf Gentile LLP Can Help Solve

My posts typically describe some details in the law that I think are useful for people who want to learn more about federal immigration litigation or litigation to combat fraud. Here are some problems my law firm is particularly well suited to solve:

1) Unreasonably delayed immigration petitions through mandamus lawsuits.

2) Wrongly decided Immigration denials.

3) Problems concerning EB-5 investments, such as petitions delays, obtaining necessary information from the project managers in order to respond to a NOID or RFE, or problems associated with the return of capital.

4) Reporting fraudulent activities that harm investors or the government, thus enabling our clients to reap financial rewards or protection under whistleblower statutes.

5) Combating fraud or wrongdoing through the use of class actions. We focus exclusively on litigation oriented solutions. We handle case nationwide.

My partner and I have decades of experience handling complex cases where the stakes are high. We’ve handled cases that involved billions of dollars. We’ve won some big cases, lost some big cases, but are always learning and getting better. Not many lawyers in the immigration space have our depth of experience in federal litigation and almost none can combine that with the deep knowledge we have of the securities laws, class actions and whistleblower laws.

We make it a point to treat our clients and colleagues fairly and with care. It’s sincere.

That is the entire practice — narrow, but very deep. Except for some meaningful pro bono work, we do not handle immigration petitions. If someone comes to us for help on a petition, we refer them to another trusted attorney better suited to help them.