Some Hope on Challenging Immigration Consular Denials in Court (Video)

We’ve had some encouraging outcomes lately in challenging consular visa denials. What once seemed like an impossible task due to the doctrine of consular nonreviewability now has a way forward, thanks to the case of Muñoz v. State Department (case no. 21-55365). In this case, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the government must provide a clear and timely reason for denying a visa to a US citizen’s spouse. In essence, when constitutional rights are involved, due process is required.

While this decision isn’t a magic solution or the end of consular nonreviewability, it offers a fighting chance where there was none before. We’ve recently handled a couple of cases where this opening was enough to overturn a denial. An unjust consular denial is a significant issue, but it may not be insurmountable if challenged in federal court.