The Anatomy of a Good Immigration Mandamus Complaint

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Here are the sections to include to help get your case decided ASAP:

1) A Case Caption – identifying the court and the parties (more on those later)

2) Introduction – a concise explanation of what your case is about and what you want

3) Jurisdiction – the basis for the Court’s authority to decide your case and give you want you want

4) Venue – explaining why your case is in the appropriate court

5) Parties – listing the plaintiff(s) and defendant(s)

6) Facts – the case history, the harm caused by the delay, the efforts made to get the case decided

7) Legal Framework & Claims – listing and explaining the laws that entitle you to sue and get relief

😎 Prayer for Relief – the specific requests and orders you want the court to make (i.e., order a prompt adjudication).

P.S. Don’t forget to ask for attorney’s fees citing the Equal Access to Justice Act.