The Law on the Confidentiality of I-751 Submissions Seeking Abuse Waivers

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Spoiler Alert: Confidentiality for abuse survivors is respected if you seek a waiver based on it. The abusive spouse is not notified of the filing.

According to 8 CFR Sec 216.5(e)(3)(viii):

As directed by the statute, the information contained in the application and supporting documents shall not be released without a court order or the written consent of the applicant; or, in the case of a child, the written consent of the parent or legal guardian who filed the waiver application on the child’s behalf. Information may be released only to the applicant, his or her authorized representative, an officer of the Department of Justice, or any federal or State law enforcement agency. Any information provided under this part may be used for the purposes of enforcement of the Act or in any criminal proceeding.