The Value of Mandamus Lawsuits for Immigrants and Their Families

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For those of you that are unfamiliar, mandamus lawsuits are tools immigrants can use to force the Government to quickly adjudicate a case that has been unreasonably delayed. These delays can cause families to be separated, jobs to be lost and a whole host of other negative issues.

By filing a mandamus case, you are suing the Government in federal court to have a judge force them to act and decide your case. While not 100% successful, these cases have an excellent track record of results.

Of course, there is a cost to filing these cases. There are attorneys fees and filing fees to pay. What are you getting in return for your investment? Ultimately, it’s a trade off of a renewable resource (money) for a nonrenewable one (time). The delays in cases can easily run into years. During the delays, families are separated.

How much money would you pay to have an extra year or two as a united family over the course of your life? I’d bet it’s multiples of what a mandamus lawsuit costs to bring. For what you can get in return, these cases are a bargain.