Whistleblowing in the Time of COVID-19

[This article first appeared on Cafepharma, written by Joseph Gentile.] With the passage of sweeping legislation that will pump hundreds of billions (possibly over a trillion+) dollars into the economy to combat the Coronavirus and mitigate its effect, the stage has been set for rampant fraud. And there’s no doubt that the ensuing attempts at […]

Letter to Attorney General Barr Urging Him to Establish a Coronavirus Initiative to Protect Government Funds From Unlawful Profiteering from Coronavirus Programs

With the passage of sweeping legislation that will introduce enormous amounts of money into the economy to combat the Coronavirus and mitigate its effect, we have written a letter to Attorney General Barr urging him to take pre-emptive action and launch an initiative to combat any fraud in the government’s new Coronavirus programs. The role […]

Home Health Care Violators Illegally Underpay Workers But Take Tax Dollars

An interesting article published by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting, dated December 14, 2019, caught our attention.  You can view the article here. The article discusses how senior care-home operators in several states were caught stealing workers’ wages or breaking other labor laws.  And despite violating the law, these operators continue to take […]

$1.4 Billion Settlement – Representing a Whistleblower in the Largest Opioid Case Recovery in U.S. History

We’re proud to announce that we represented one of the whistleblowers in the government’s historic $1.4 billion recovery against Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC. The case, which included multiple filings over several years, involved the marketing of Reckitt’s opioid addiction treatment drug Suboxone – which is used by recovering opioid addicts to avoid or reduce withdrawal […]

New Guidance on Defendant Cooperation in FCA Matters

On May 6, 2019, the Justice Department announced new guidelines regarding the manner in which the government will credit a defendant who cooperates in a False Claims Act (FCA) investigation. A defendant charged with defrauding the federal government and violating the FCA, can now earn credit by cooperating with the government’s investigation by engaging in […]

New York State Largest Whistleblower Recoveries

The New York False Claims Act protects the State from being defrauded by encouraging whistleblowers to identify and bring claims on behalf of the State. Modeled after the federal False Claims Act, whistleblowers who bring successful claims on behalf of the State are awarded a percentage of whatever the State recovers. False statements made to […]

Federal Government Largest Whistleblower Recoveries

The Federal False Claims Act protects U.S. taxpayers from fraud by encouraging whistleblowers to identify and bring qui tam lawsuits on behalf of the federal government against those who seek to defraud the government. Enacted after the Civil War to address unscrupulous merchants who sold the government defective products, the law is designed to ensure […]

What’s In It For You

People decide to become whistleblowers for a number of reasons, but the most admirable is because a certain behavior offends their conscience. Some people simply can’t sleep at night knowing how greedy companies and individuals steal our tax dollars, put the safety of the public at risk to enrich themselves or both. Often, these individuals […]