EB-5 Investments – Get It In Writing AND Save It!

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There is a tendency sometimes for people to make some fantastic promises when they are trying to sell you something or courting you to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars with them. They may promise high returns, funds returned by a certain date or some other positive result. If they are not willing to put it in writing, don’t believe it.

This applies equally to the EB-5 process where foreign nationals are encouraged to invest money in a project as a means of hopefully obtaining permanent residency in the US.

We’ve seen numerous situations where investors were misled by oral promises made by the various EB-5 stakeholders. This includes promises to have funds returned by a certain date or promptly after a green card is approved. For those EB-5 investors whose funds are still at risk and who are considering suing to get their money back, the ones with the strongest cases are those who have kept a written copy of the representations. So always be sure to have everything in writing, organized and saved.