Getting Financial Support From Your Immigration Sponsor & Ex-Spouse: Obtaining the Signed Form I-864

We have published a new video that explains how to obtain a copy of a signed Form I-864.

The I-864, Affidavit of Support, is a critical document that enables a US citizen or Permanent Resident to “sponsor” a family member (such as a spouse, fiancé or child) to immigrate to the US. When signed, the I-864 requires the sponsor to financially support the beneficiary immigrant or make sure they earn roughly $1,300 per month (the actual amounts vary based on year, geography and personal circumstances). In the case of a divorced or separated couple, where the sponsor spouse financially abandons the immigrant spouse, the financial obligations imposed by the I-864 become very important. The intended immigrant can hire an attorney – usually with no upfront costs – and sue the sponsor to obtain that financial support. The first step in doing so is obtaining a copy of the Form I-864 that the sponsor signed. This can sometimes be tricky, especially since the immigrant spouse does not have to sign the I-864 and may not have it. But there are ways to obtain it and this video explains how.

You can view the video here or below.