How Pre or Post Nuptial Agreements Affect The Right to Financial Support From an I-864 Sponsor

We have published a new video that explains how pre or post nuptial agreements affect the rights of sponsored immigrants to get financial support from their I-864 sponsors.

The I-864, Affidavit of Support, requires a “sponsor” to financially support a sponsored immigrant. When signed, the I-864 requires the sponsor to financially support the beneficiary immigrant or make sure that the new immigrant earns roughly $1,342 per month (the actual amounts vary based on year, geography and personal circumstances). This is to protect the government from becoming financially responsible for any new immigrant who is unable to support themselves. As a result, it is very difficult for an immigrant to “waive” this support obligation. However, it can happen. This video explains the possibilities. That is why it is critical to get the advice of an attorney, well-versed in I-864 litigation, to review any agreement that might affect an immigrant’s I-864 financial rights.

You can view the video here or below.