Nervous for an upcoming Marriage based USCIS Interview? Here are some tips:

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Nervous for an upcoming Marriage based USCIS Interview?  Here are some tips:
1) This is the cardinal rule. Always be honest in answering questions.
2) If you don’t understand a question, let the officer know and ask them to repeat or rephrase.
3) If you don’t know the answer to a question, say so. Don’t guess.
4) Stay on topic. Answer the questions put in front of you.
5) Review your application beforehand. Most questions will be based off your application so you should know what is in there. Bring a copy of your application and supporting evidence with you in case you need to refer to it.
6) If you notice a mistake in the application at the last minute, the interview is the time to point it out and correct it.
7) Remember, you have the right to have an attorney attend the interview with you. If you have a complicated case, that is strongly recommended. Lawyers can typically appear in person or remotely. Prepare to be questioned together or separately if it is a joint application
9) Be prepared for detailed questions about your living arrangements, details about your wedding, first dates, who does what chores, what does the inside of your home look like, details about your spouse’s personal habits. These are typically questions that only someone who knows you very well or lives with you could answer.
10) If you are asking for a waiver due to divorce, abuse or extreme hardship, expect the interviewer to drill down. Be prepared to discuss specific examples and incidences. Other topics could include the details of the relationship souring and steps taken to try and save it. Details matter.
11) The interview is an important event, show it proper respect by being early and dressing nicely.
The specific questions are not predictable ahead of time. The main takeaway is to always be honest and prepared by knowing the details of your case.