Sarraf Gentile LLP Blog

We are excited to announce that Sarraf Gentile LLP is launching a new blog dedicated to being a resource for those interested in learning more about Whistleblower claims and Qui Tam litigation. This is an area of law we specialize in and are very passionate about. We hope the blog will become a valuable resource for those struggling with whether to blow the whistle, along with the attorneys and other professionals who help whistleblowers with this momentous decision.

The blog will contain helpful pointers, some basics on the law and other practical issues, summaries and opinions on new developments in the law and public discourse as they arise and whatever else we think would be of value. We will provide information on developments in federal false claims act cases, the SEC whistleblower program, the IRS whistleblower program, FIRREA, and state false claims act law, especially New York. Industry wise, we will try to focus our attention on healthcare and its various branches, banking, government contracts and publicly traded companies. In our experience, this is where the majority of false claims arise. There is a significant human side to this as well. Being involved in a whistleblower case is an emotional roller coaster. So we will also try to address the human side of things.

One thing that we will do that will distinguish this legal blog from most others is in addition to offering our opinion on particular cases or developments, we will include downloads of the original legal documents wherever possible. The blog should develop into a nice repository of useful law and original source materials. This will save time and expense for those of you who want to see the actual legal decisions, complaints and other filings for yourself. Over time, we’ve noticed that many whistleblowers have higher than average intelligence and are very detail oriented, so we expect access to original documents to be an appreciated feature.

Working with whistleblowers has been one of the greatest privileges of our legal careers. We’ve found our whistleblower clients to be extraordinarily brave, selfless, moral and intelligent people. They have been an inspiration for us and are truly unsung heroes in this country. They stood up and have exposed some tremendous frauds perpetrated on tax payers and our government. Some of them have sacrificed their careers to do so. It’s one of the rare examples of where a single person can change a large company or an entire industry for the better. Whistleblowers are “change agents” in the best sense of the phrase. We wish they would get more public recognition as we all owe them a debt of gratitude. They make our lives better. This blog is dedicated to them and others like them who selflessly act in the public good.

We’d love to see this blog start some direct discussions, if you would like to discuss a particular post or a personal situation, feel free to reach us directly at