The Excuse of “Powerless”

How easy is life when we give ourselves no power? Regardless of how bad a situation is, if you have no power there is nothing to do. No decisions to make. You can’t affect the outcome in any way so why bother doing anything? Keep your head down and make no waves.

The problem with this is it is based on an illusion. The illusion that the “powerful” always win and that the little guy has no recourse. The law gives us the power to take on the richest corporations.
If we accept the reality that we can change things, then life gets more difficult. It takes alot of work to do your research, lawyer up and prepare for a long fight. It’s a tough road, but the rewards are there for those that stick to it.

In many whistleblower situations, like it or not, you are usually one of a very small handful of people that can stop the fraud in front of you. Looking for your “purpose in life”? Look no further, your purpose found you.