Thinking of Immigrating to the US, but which City? Edition 3 — Houston, TX

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Thinking of Immigrating to the US, but which City?

Edition 3 — Houston, TX

Houston Texas is an increasingly popular option for newcomers to the US. Houston combines a diverse population, low cost of living and a thriving economy. The immigrant population of Houston is well represented by people coming from Mexico, El Salvador, Vietnam, India, Nigeria and greater West Africa.


1) Growth. The city is growing. Houston is one of the fastest growing large metro areas in the US. With that growth comes job opportunities in many industries. The metro economy of Houston is now the 7th largest in the US.

2) Energy Industry. Houston is one of the world capitals of the energy industry, particularly oil & gas. With this designation comes many high paying jobs for engineers and other professionals that service the industry.

3) Low Cost of Living. Houston has a cost of living far lower than many of the other large cities in the US. For instance, Houston has a cost of living less than half of that in San Francisco. Buying a nice home is a much more achievable goal in Houston.

4) Taxes. The state has NO income tax. Of course, residents still have to pay federal income tax.

5) Diversity. This is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. Residents from countries listed above make up the largest groups, but smaller communities from elsewhere exist throughout the metropolitan area.


1) Sprawl. The city is very spread out and a car is almost mandatory. Traffic is a fact of life and public transportation is poor.

2) Weather. Houston has mild winters. However, for many this is outweighed by a very long, brutally hot and humid summer. Those summers also bring lots of mosquitoes.

3) Natural Disasters. The city is at high risk for hurricanes.

4) Scenery. While not ugly, it’s flat and lacks unique views of mountains or large bodies of water.