Why Hire Sarraf Gentile For Your Mandamus Lawsuit or Immigration Denial Litigation? (Video)

It’s simple. We bring a rare level of expertise and experience to federal immigration litigation.

It’s not hard to find an immigration lawyer willing to file a lawsuit in federal court. Here is what that lawyer may or may not tell you. If they are an immigration lawyer (even a great one), they probably spend the vast majority of their time litigating in immigration court or helping people shepherd immigration applications through USCIS and Consulates. These are very valuable skills and services. However, it is distinct from federal litigation.

Litigating in federal court takes years to master. The technical procedures can be both intricate and unforgiving. Short and long-term strategic development is essential. These skills take time to hone. Obviously, having a deep understanding of immigration law is great. However, without deep litigation experience against highly skilled adversaries, a knowledge of immigration law alone may not yield the best results.

That is where we differ. We have been litigating high stakes cases in federal court nationwide for decades. We’ve handled the most complex cases, involving parties with unlimited resources, against the most sophisticated attorneys in the country. We’ve taken on the US Government, foreign governments, mega corporations, billionaires, and have had victories against all of them. We’ve done this in the immigration context and in cases with many millions and even sometimes billions of dollars on the line.

If you are going into federal court to fight for an immigration benefit that is critical to you and your family, ask yourself: are you better off being represented by a firm that dabbles in federal litigation or one that has been focused on it for almost two decades, with the results and scars to prove it?