Who to Sue in an Immigration Delay Case

[Also available on LinkedIn.] After deciding to file a Mandamus action in order to compel the government to issue a decision on a long-delayed immigration application, the next major step is determining who to sue. In other words: who are the appropriate and essential defendants in such an action? This article will provide some guidance on how […]

Solving for Immigration Delays using Federal Litigation

[Also available on LinkedIn.] It’s hard for most people outside of the immigration space to imagine filling out an application, providing everything asked for, paying a fee, maybe sitting for interview and then having to wait years for the application to be decided. But this is all too common for some categories of immigration and […]

It Pays To Be The First Whistleblower

We have published a new video that explains the “First to File Bar” which awards any financial recovery to the whistleblower who files the first case. The first-filed whistleblower will essentially “bar” later-filed whistleblowers from receiving any share of the award for blowing the whistle. You can view the video here or below.

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